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In TMT Talks #5 we explore the big questions like… Do we live on The Planet Of The Phono-Sapiens? What is the significance of your mobile number throughout your life? And… are pubs are the sunblock of Ireland?

It is always a delight to host the online chat show, TMT Talks, where I get to interview great people in mobile technology and much more. It was awesome to catch up with Fergal Parkinson, Co-founder and Director at TMT Analysis, and producer of the #TMTtalks show, on location during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month.

TMT Talks #5
Fergal and myself with our local film partner, Carlos Larrondo from Live Stream BCN

We had a great chat about the growth in all things mobile, the need for accurate mobile intelligence, and even the art of the Irish suntan. Hope you enjoy!

About TMT Analysis

TMT Analysis is a specialist mobile numbering intelligence company. Our suite of products provide customers with the fastest and most comprehensive network and numbering data on the market today, used by businesses globally to improve customer interactions, gain useful insight and authenticate users, while reducing costs and improving the quality of their service.

With the increasing need for Application to Person (A2P) messaging, two-stage authentication, and identity management, our data is used millions of times daily to deliver important information quickly and accurately. If you pay per query for mobile routing intelligence, our services will significantly reduce your costs.

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About Mobile World Congress

MWC Barcelona is the world’s most influential exhibition for the connectivity industry. In 2019, up to 2,400 exhibitors, 8,000 CEOs and 59% of the industries’ most important decision-makers gathered here. And now we’re back for 2021. It’s the place where you can make remarkable connections with everyone who’s anyone – all under one roof.

This year you can connect in-person or online. From technicians and regulators, to founders and government delegations – whether it’s with a click of a button, a smile on screen, a friendly elbow bump, or a knowing nod, 2021 offers even more ways to seal that deal with the most influential attendees.

While there’s nothing that can beat face-to-face interaction to build truly strong relationships, the addition of digital products that aid virtual attendance allows connecting to become easier, more accessible and even smarter.

On 28 June – 01 July 2021, MWC Barcelona will still be the place where our industry gathers to create connected impact for a thriving society. But now, it’s also the place where you can connect with industry decision-makers attending in-person and logged on online too.

Get business done ­– In Barcelona, or from wherever you are in the world.

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