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It was awesome to chat with Richard Bird on the latest TMT Talks, brought to you and produced by the good people at TMT Analysis. We discuss everything from mobile security, digital onboarding and PayPal’s fake accounts to tattoos, great tiki bars, and even the Beastie Boys.

Richard is the Chief Product Officer for SecZetta. A multi-time C-level executive in both the corporate and start-up worlds, Richard is internationally recognised for his expert insights, work and views on cybersecurity, data privacy, digital consumer rights and identity-centric security. He is a Senior Fellow with the CyberTheory Zero Trust Institute, a Forbes Tech council member, host of the “Who The #$&* Are You” podcast and has been interviewed frequently by media outlets.

Richard also is widely known for wearing bow ties and while he probably isn’t the most tattooed person in cyber security today, he at least has to be in the top 5%.


Many thanks to the show producer Fergal Parkinson and the good people at TMT Analysis for the opportunity to chat to some truly fascinating people on TMT Talks!

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