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Tuneraker – Saturday DJ Mix

By May 2, 2009January 12th, 2020No Comments

Another great mix from Christian Lorenz at Tuneraker…

“My mixer is fried but I just had to get these tunes out there. So expect a bit of roughness amid this otherwise pretty solid selection for a Saturday afternoon. You can download the mix here for free. The mix will be available for a limited period of time.only.

The mix kicks off very chilled with an unusually little ambient tune by Zomby, the Don of wonky Dubstep beats, before launching into Laurie Anderson’s 1981 ambient classic ‘O Superman’.

You get to hear the lost 1977 German Disco killer ‘Love Machine’ followed by a Reggae cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’. Keeping it fresh, you’ll hear the much talked about Aeroplanes mix of ‘Paris’ by indie band Friendly Fires and Various Production’s ultra cool remix of Adele’s ‘Chasing Pavements’.

A flashback to the old skool is Zinc’s ‘128 Trek’ which devastates the dance floor today as it did back in ’99. Japanese artist Akira Kiteshi’s ‘Pinball’ is fresh off the press and completely barking – sounds like Kiteshi San plonked a microphone into the innards of a pinball machine.

How do you top that? Well, we can and the beats get faster and housier for a while before the Latin flavoured Factory sound of Quando Quango brings you gently down to earth with ‘Love Tempo’, a proper pre-Rave Hacienda classic.

As a closer, you’ll get a mad Italian drummer, some Carl Craig magic and finally some cheeky Swedes’ doing wonders with an old Marvin Gaye tune.

For promotional use only – This is a promotional DJ mix. If you like the music, please seek out the original versions which are available on vinyl from your local record store or, in some cases, as MP3s or Flacs from reputable online retailers.

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Saturday Mix Tracklisting
May 2009 – For Promotion Only

1. Zomby ‘Test Me For A Reason’ (Hyperdub 2009)
2. Laurie Anderson ‘O Superman’ (Warner 1981)
3. Yello ‘She’s Got a Gun’ (Do It 1981)
4. St. Germain ‘Rose Rouge’ (Blue Note 2000)
5. Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid ‘1st & 1st’ (Domino 2008)
6. Supermax ‘Love Machine’ (WEA 1977)
7. The Dynamics ‘Whole Lotta Love’ (Groove Attack 2007)
8. JG ‘Real Bad’ (Bstrd Boots 2007)
9. Friendly Fires ‘Paris (Aeroplane Mix)’ (XL 2008, released 09)
10. Isolee ‘Forever Lost (Glimmers Mix)’ (Playhouse 2006)
11. Ilario Alicante ‘Living Near Africa’ (Cecille 2009)
12. Artificial Latvamaki ‘Ratts Leaving The Sinking Ship’ (Curle 2009)
13. TVO ‘Dwyer (Bonus Beats)’ (Stuff 2009)
14. Paikan & The Sadhus ‘Dance Floor Fight’ (Jazzman 2009)
15. Various Production ‘Chasing Pavements’ (Various 2009)
16. Zinc ‘128 Trek’ (white label circa 1999)
17. Akira Kiteshi ‘Pinball’ (Black Acre 2009)
18. Unknown ‘Greasy Mitts’ (white label 2009)
19. Moves ‘All Skate’ (Dress 2 Sweat 2008)
20. Jean Philippe Aviance ‘Useless’ (Subversive promo circa 1998)
21. Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon ‘So Much Love’ (white label 2003)
22. Bob Sinclar ‘Wonderful World (Dub)’ (Yellow 2004)
23. Quando Quango ‘Love Tempo’ (Factory 1983)
24. Tullio De Piscopo ‘Fastness’ (Finders Keepers 2008)
25. Delia Gonzalez ‘Relevee (Carl Craig Mix)’ (DFA 2006)
26. 7 Samurai ‘Marvin’ (Gamm circa 2004)”

Download here