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It was great to speak with Richard at Voxgig for the Fireside Podcast about event MC-ing, TEDx-ing and the unbridled terror of my first speaking gig.

“Oisín Lunny is a professional public speaker, master of ceremonies (MC), radio presenter and journalist. He has hosted and moderated events and given keynote presentations at over 200 conferences worldwide, including TEDx, MWC and SXSW. He is a regular contributor to and is music editor for ‘The Phoenix’ magazine.

“In this episode, Oisín talks to Richard about how his early PR career led him to public speaking and his ‘aha moment’, when he realized that speaking with authenticity and passion can make even a seemingly insignificant speech great. He also explains why stepping outside your comfort zone can be a brilliant way to learn; being put on the spot can sometimes lead to great creativity.

“Being an MC has become a big part of Oisín’s public speaking career and life in general. Oisín shares with Richard his first MC experience—at a music festival—and the positive things he learned from the experience. He also shares his secret to remembering hundreds of people’s names: good old-fashioned printed notes! speaker.”

Originally published on Voxgig. Check out some more interviews here.

About Voxgig:

“We are a fully remote working global SaaS startup proud of our Waterford origins. Our founder, Richard Rodger, created Voxgig to help other event professionals overcome the same problems he has faced many times as a global tech speaker, organizer and exhibitor. This led him to put together the dream team needed to build Voxgig. And so here we are – one big, happy community for event professionals and a kick-ass event management platform!

“Diversity, inclusion, openness and a family-flexible culture are just some of the things we are proud of. We love to contribute to the community and make a difference – that’s why we organize our own events and support many diversity initiatives. We are obsessed with technical excellence and always strive to build software with love.”