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Geeking out over Geek Pie Radio — A Q&A with DJ Oisin Lunny

I loved chatting with reporter, podcaster, and poet Heidi Siegmund Cuda from Bette Dangerous about my lifelong obsession with making mixtapes. Check it out via her Substack!

Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep88: Deep Cuts with DJ Oisin Lunny by Heidi Siegmund Cuda

Geeking out over Geek Pie Radio — A Q & A with DJ Oisin Lunny

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Every two weeks, Oisin Lunny’s latest mixtape lands in my inbox, and I am fueled for days. 

“In proper nerd style, I like to fit everything exactly into two hours,” says Lunny, the DJ behind the brilliant Geek Pie Radio. “I don’t like cutting tracks in half.”

Lunny’s mixtapes are works of art.

Please enjoy Lunny and I geeking out in this tribute to the cassette tape, the mix tape, old soul, northern soul, and all the things that bring our souls peace of mind and spiritual nourishment. We talk about staying on the right side of humanity, through art, poetry, music, and literature. We talk about staying nice and nerdy during challenging times.

“My obsession — ever since my teenage years — if there’s a fork in the road, and on one side there was music, and the other side was everything else, and I took the music side, and I’m still there.”

His obsession is our enduring gift.

Have a listen to our interview and then take a trip through and enjoy some freshly foraged bangers.

The music at the end of the podcast is an excerpt from the 16th September 2023 edition of Geek Pie Radio where Oisin mixed Heidi Siegmund Cuda “Wash Our Spirits Clean” with The Starseeds “Elsewhere”, taken from their seminal lost album of groovy electronica “Parallel Lives” which is still sounding great and available from the Yellow Sunshine Explosion Bandcamp page.